When I order when will my meals be ready for pickup?

If you order after 8pm Thursday thru 8 pm Sunday pickup is Monday afternoon.
If you order after 8pm Sunday thru 8 pm Tuesday pickup is Wednesday afternoon.
If you order after 8pm Tuesday thru 8 pm Thursday pickup is Friday afternoon.

Food will be available for pickup from 2pm to 8:00pm Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays.

Please double check your pickup location,
Science Nutrition on the West side:
5109 S Louise Ave
Science Nutrition on the East side:
508 S Foss Ave

  How long do the our meals last?  

We suggest eating your meals within 5-7 days if you keep them refrigerated. However, if you freeze your meals, we have found that transferring the meals to a rubbermaid container works best.

  How long do I re-heat the meals for?  

Remove the lid (you can use the lid as a cover as well) and use the reheat button on your microwave. If your microwave doesn't provide a reheat button start with 90 seconds to 2 minutes. If your meals are frozen, microwave for 5-7 minutes.

  Are we a restaurant or fast food business?  

We are neither. We provide restaurant style meals for a fast food price. We are not only chef inspired but we are chef made. 

  Do we customize for food allergies?  

Yes, we will customize any food. Please make comments in our notes section while checking out. And we will do our best to accommodate you, if it is not possible we will reach out to you to help meet your needs.

  Do you have a ingredients list?  

Yes, all of our ingredients are listed under each meal.

  Do we ship?  

We currently do not ship.

  Can I only order online?  

No, you can pick-up ready made meals at both Science Nutrition locations,  and Sanford Wellness Center. (Sioux Falls) 

  Is there a minimum order?  

No, you can order 1 meal or 50 meals.